Fly Fishing / Fly Tying Shows: 2017-2018

iFTS-300x271The International Fly Tying Symposium was on November 11-12 in Lancaster, PA. It was a blast! I was fortunate enough to tie next to Gordy Chesney who artfully creates some of the most beautiful Atlantic Salmon patterns i have ever seen!

I spent most of my time tying flies that I had lost over the course of the fall – mainly Jiggy Bugs & Green Weenies. And, I tied a bunch of size 22 midge and baetis patterns to get ready for the winter season. Getting tired of tying the small stuff, I also tied a handful of my weedless smallie streamers tied on an Ahrex worm hook (PR380). Of course I also tied up a few Sakasa Kebari flies for tenkara fishing.


This year I will be demonstrating at The Fly Fishing Show in Edison, NJ Friday 1/26-1/28 and then again in Lancaster 3/4 – 3/5. Most likely I’ll be focusing on small parachute patterns, tenkara flies and jig nymphs.

On February 24 & 25 I will be in Annapolis demonstrating at Lefty Ktie fest logoreh’s Tie Fest. Apparently I’m tying next to Bob Popovics. I’m psyched to talk to him about modifying his flex flye for all the summer smallie fishing I do on the Potomac and Patuxent rivers.


Edison Fly Fishing Show: 1/26-1/28 Link to Fly Fishing Show in Edison

Tie Fest: 2/24 – 2/25 Link to Baltimore Sun article about Tie fest

Lancaster Fly Fishing Show: 3/4 – 3/5 Link to Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster

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