Tie Fest & My Stoned Mop Jig

My Stoned Mop Jig was a hit at the show!

Read my article about my Stoned Mop Jig: The Stoned Mop Jig

This is my first time participating in Left Kreh’s Tie Fest, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve never seen so many legendary tiers in such a small space! Within a 5 yard radius of me was Bob Clouser and Chuck Kraft. How many times will I get the chance to sit next to these legends and annoy them with questions and praise as I tie flies? Not many I expect! The truth is that I only had a few minutes to talk to Bob Clouser. His table was right next to mine, but the guy is Bob Clouser so he’s not about to sit quietly at a table and tie flies. He’s doing casting lessons, making rounds talking to people, and just being the legend he is.

I told him how a customer at the show was surprised that I use big Clouser Minnows for river smallmouth, and that I told the customer I’m pretty certain that Bob Clouser first developed the fly for smallies. Bob confirmed what I told the guy, took a look at my  versions of his iconic pattern, looked up at me sternly in the eyes and said plainly, “Those will catch fish.”

Nice! My Clouser Minnows passed the scrutiny of Mr. Clouser himself!

But, it wasn’t my Clouser Minnows that garnered the most attention from the show goers. It was my Stoned Mop Jigs. I knew that most people at the show would be interested in Rockfish (Striped Bass) patterns since the show was in Annapolis, but I stayed true to my trout fishing roots and spent my time tying soft hackle sulphur patterns and Stoned Mop Jigs.

FB0559DB-749B-42EE-BE14-386BB13B330BThe Stoned Mop Jig is a fly I came up with while tying bigger Jiggy Bugs for steelhead. I was about to tie some articulated nymph patterns until I had a genius idea! I could use the notorious mop fly material to create an extended body stonefly.

Read the article about the Stoned Mop Jig: The Stoned Mop Jig


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