The Fly Fishing Show – Denver

It was truly an honor to be invited as a tier at the Denver show. It was even a greater honor to tie next to Tim Flagler from Tight Lines Fly Fishing!

First of all, the Denver show is huge! Probably 5 times bigger than the the NJ show. And, it was crowded. I don’t think a minute went by without someone at my table. I talked to countless anglers and tiers – definitely talked more than tied! You hear from all kinds of folks at these shows and hear all kinds of comments. The most memorable comment was from a guy who was admiring my stonefly imitations, especially my stoned mop jigs. After admiring them for a minute, he says, “Too bad we don’t have stoneflies here in Colorado.” What?!?!

Anyway, let’s get back to Tim Flagler. Tim is a true celebrity at the shows, or at least his voice and fingers are famous as that’s about all you see of Tim on his videos. Fortunately, none of the show goers were put off by his appearance – kind of a mash up of The Dude from The Big Lebowski, with Gandalf. In fact, I think most of us excepted this look. Anyway, it’s amazing how many anglers of all skill levels depend on his videos in order to learn and develop as fly anglers.

Check out Tim Flagler’s fly tying videos at tightlinevideo!

His flies are fantastic, but his tying tricks, or “cheats” as he calls them, are really impressive and useful. He also shares some interesting observations about how flies and natural insects behave in the water. You may be surprised and/or disappointed to learn that your nymph flies will drift vertically through the water and that even soft hackle

I think Tim appreciated the fish catching ability of my flies. He took a look at my Stoned Mop Jig, gave a sly smile and joked, “Man, you’re a dirty fisherman.”

Amen to that!

I also was tying in close proximity to one of my favorite tiers – Tom Baltz of Pennsylvania. He ties some incredible parachute flies, and his para-nymph might be the best suggestive dry fly I’ve used. He’s also an excellent guide in high demand. I gotta find a way to get him to take me fishing on one of those challenging PA spring creeks!

I was hoping to garner more interest in my realistic green drake nymphs, but oh well. Apparently some people assumed these bugs were assembled using those realistic bug bodies like the ones from Hemingway’s Fly Tying Materials. But, let me assure you, these are flies I tie with standard tying materials such as pheasant tail and with a little UV flex resin.

In all, it was a great show! I sold a bunch of flies, talked to a bunch of fly guys of all ages and abilities, and picked up some tips from the masters

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