Tying the Jiggy Bug

Size 16 Jiggy Bug w/ Wingcase

Jiggy Bug Recipe:

Hook: Size 16 Competition jig hook. I get mine from Rip Lips Fishing. RipLipsfishing.com

Bead: Tungsten slotted bead. 7/64”.

Underbody: 20 wraps of .010 lead wire.

Thread: 8/0 rusty brown.

Tail: 3 lengths of brown Daddy Long Legs material from Hareline Dubbin.

Abdomen: 6 pheasant tail fibers.

Rib: Peacock Veevus Iridescent Thread.

Thorax: Peacock dubbing.

Legs: 2 strands of Daddy Long Legs on each side of the thorax.

Wingcase (optional): UV Resin

6DFB5799-A8B5-4677-BEB6-182697BCD411Step 1: Wrap .010 lead wire from the bend up to the bead and back down over the thorax area.



68733CE9-A9ED-4047-BDEB-6ED98BA56C66Step 2: Cover the lead with thread. Bring the thread back to the bend. Use pliers to flatten the body.



4FA7B200-810F-48F6-810D-0329CA874C30Step 3: Tie in 3 strands of Daddy Long Legs for tails. Trim the tails to about 1 1/2 times the length of the shank. Wrap up the shank to cover the tag ends.



F964E26B-475B-4DF3-A3CD-5772F6BAFC28Step 4: Bring the thread back to the bend and tie in a 5” length of peacock Iridescent thread from Veevus as your ribbing. Tie in 6 pheasant tail fibers and use a bodkin to separate them. This will make a nicer, buggier wrap.


1132A965-D2AE-4DBD-8047-CB3E8000FC01Step 5: Keep the pheasant tail fibers close together as you wrap the body. Do not twist them. Trim the tags and cover with thread. Leave the thread at the thorax.



0A490413-8F6B-47BA-BE51-36F637800352Step 6: Counter wrap the Veevus Iridescent thread. Trim the tag and cover with thread.



F3982EC5-EC4D-4FD8-9A7F-E033BD31DF42Step 7: Dub the thorax with peacock dubbing. Leave the thread in the middle of the thorax. This is where you will tie in the legs.


1C61A4EB-27EC-41F9-90E0-A13B25CA83EEStep 8: Tie in 2-3 lengths of Daddy Long Legs  on each side of the thorax.



EED18529-CD1E-403D-9FE7-25FCE15A2CA3Step 9: Cover the thread wraps with more dubbing. Bring the thread to behind the bead. Whip finish twice, no head cement necessary as long as your whip finishes are good. Trim the legs to your desired length.

Step 10 (optional): Trim the dubbing from the underside of the thorax, which is actually the top side of the fly since it will ride hook point up. Coat it with UV resin and hit it with a UV light. I strongly feel that the fly fishes better without a Wingcase. Keep the thorax buggy all over!

779E11FB-377B-4DAA-A93A-0C263F4597BAYour completed Jiggy Bug!

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